Chaler Gura


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Chaler Gura (Rice Flour)

Rice flour (also rice powder) is a form of flour made from finely milled white or brown rice. Rice flour is a particularly good substitute for wheat flour. Rice flour is very popular among the people of all age group of Bangladesh, basically for its speciality in using to cook superb dishes and desserts like Kheer, Payes, Ruti, Sandesh, Pitha-Puli etc. But, the pathetic truth is that the Rice Flour available in the Market are not properly milled and often comes with dust, sands, different chemicals, false aroma etc. Thinking about the high demand for Rice Flour in the city, Khaas Food has come up with High-Quality and 100% pure Atop Rice Flour (Atop 32) for the people of the town.

Why Khaas Food's Rice Flour?
  • Prepared with Khaas Food’s direct supervision
  • No harmful additives or preservatives used
  • 100% Pure and High-Quality product of Khaas Food
  • Perfectly grinded for making different types of pitha-puli
  • A product that can remind you of your childhood or your village home.

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