Chapa Dry Fish


Measurement: 250gm

Price: 320tk

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Chepa Shutki (Dry Fish)

Chepa shutki is a semi-dried traditional fermented fish. Usually, dry fish is dried under direct sunlight, but Chepa Shutki is made with semi fermentation process. Its origin is Mymensingh district, but Chepa Shutki from Brahmanbaria of Bangladesh is very renowned all over Bangladesh. 100% Chemical & DDT free Chepa Shuti is brought to you by Khaas Food - directly from Brahmanbaria. You can enjoy fresh Chepa Fish with the highest purity and supreme taste of the fish from Khaas Food.

Why Khaas Food's Chepa Shutki?
  1. Directly collected from Brahmanbaria
  2. No chemicals used to dry the fish
  3. Very renowned all over Bangladesh
  4. Free of DDT
  5. Safe and fresh

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