Garam Masala


Measurement: 32 gm (+-/-5%)

Price: 35tk

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Garam Masala

There is no household cooking arrangement which is done without the presence of Garam Masala; yes - this Masala is a must for any great selection of your absolute all-time favourite recipes. But, sadly truth is the Masala found in the market are not safe these days, as there is high risk of the presence of different chemicals and pollutants. Different masala packs contain out-dated Masala, let alone the dust particles mixed with them to increase extra weight.

Khaas Food brings the leading quality Garam Masala to let you enjoy your perfect dishes with perfect flavour and taste. Being properly sorted and reliably collected from top quality sources this Khaas Food's Garam Masala can make your delighted foods safer, tastier and healthier! 

Why Khaas Food's Garam Masala is Best in the Market?
  • Best Masala particles collection
  • No preservative or chemical used
  • Sorted and packed with high care
  • You will not find any dust or useless element mix
  • No fungus or outdated masala elements
  • Collected and packed through quality observation

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