Millet Rice (Kaon)


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Millet Rice (Kaon)
Kaon is a rich food that can be cooked in a variety of ways. It is a nutritionally rich diet that is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Kaon rice also contains antioxidants and good fiber content, which is a natural laxative to prevent constipation. Our Kaon Rice is grown in the Basantapur area of ​​Harirampur in Manikganj.

Benefits of Millet Rice (Kaon) 
1. Millet or Kaon Rice is a fiber grain, which removes our constipation problems and gives energy flow to the body for long time.
2. One of the important elements of millet rice is potassium, this potassium substance fill our body with iron deficiency as ions.
3. Frequent eating habits of the diabetic patient exacerbate the disease. Because of the grain of fiber, it provides long lasting energy to body, and that’s why this rice play important role to prevent eating habit frequently.
4. Kaon rice play important role to control weight.

Why Khaas Food’s Millet Rice (Kaon)?
* No use of harmful insecticides during production..
* Adulteration free.
* Fresh and Healthy.
* Produced  from Pure  Paddy.
* Processd and packaged with direct supervision.

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