Mixed Fruit Chutney


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Price: 200tk

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Mixed Fruit Chutney

Chutney - who doesn't loves it? From children to the elder almost every human being loves it. It can be eaten when one needs to take the taste of a different food rather than usual ones. This chatney can be consumes as a great additive to your regular meals like vuna khichuri or polau. Mixed fruit chutney can take your appitizing level higher so you can eat more than usual if you wish to. 

It comes with no harmful additives and chemicals, free from dust and unwanted particulars. As a healthy mixed fruit chutney you can trust this one made with proper care and close observation of Khaas Food.

Why Khaas Food's Mixed Fruit Chutney?
  • 100% Fresh and Pure
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • No unwanted particles and dust
  • Healthy oils and materials used
  • Perfect blend for a perfect taste
  • Suitable for any age group people
  • Prepared carefully with own production team
  • Prepared on very fresh and clean environment
  • Usual amount of salt, sugar, and other ingredients added

Main Ingredients: 
Tamarind, Boroi, Olives, Amla, Chili, Salt, Suger, Vinegar, Pach-Foron, Cumin, Coriander etc.

Expiry Time: This mixed fruit chutney can be stored normally upto 8 months from the production date.

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