Red (Brown) Sugar


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Price: 75tk

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Red (Brown) Sugar
Red Sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses. The sugar is very delicious sweetening item - has been consumed by people historically. Till now we see the brown looking Red Sugar is highly demanded by the people if served with assured quality and taste. Yes, Khaas Food is here to serve you with premium quality Red Sugar to bring quality sweet sources for your healthy eating every day!

Benefits of Red Sugar:
  • Healthier than White Sugar
  • It enhance blood circulation
  • Increases blood cell production
  • Provides more minerals and nutrition
  • It is cost effective but safe for daily consumption

Why Khaas Food's Red (Brown) Sugar?
  • Ensured quality for perfect taste
  • No risk of lower quality sugar from us
  • No risk or harmful chemicals or additives
  • Directly collected from Keru & Co. at Dorshona, Jhenidah

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