Resco Mango pickle


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Price: 130tk

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Khaas Food's Resco Mango Pickle

Pickles are always very attractive food ingredients for almost everyone. People of this subcontinent love to eat mango pickles usually as an additive to their regular meals. But, pickles in the market are most often not pure and fresh, rather these are mixed with harmful preservatives and chemicals. With the growing demand for different types of pickles, Khaas Food has started offering you high quality and 100% pure Resco Mango Pickle for your healthy intake - every day!

Mango pickle has great demand among the people of the town because of its great taste and off-season availability in such form. Khaas Food's Resco Mango pickle can provide you with the supreme taste of fresh mango that may remind you of the greatest pickle you have ever tasted! 

Why Khaas Food's Resco Mango Pickle?
  • 100% Fresh and Pure
  • No harmful chemical used
  • Suitable for any age group people
  • High quality Oil is used to prepare the pickle
  • Best quality and carefully sorted mango used
  • Usual amount of salt, sugar, and other ingredients added

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